Ode To The Sea.

Here surrounding the island there is sea.

But what sea?

lt's always overflowing

says " Yes," then “No," then "No "again.

And "No, "says "Yes" in blue,

in sea spray raging,

says "No" and "No" again.

It can't be still.

It stammers "My name is sea."

It slaps the rocks,

and when they aren't convinced

Strokes them and soaks them

and smolders them with kisses.

With seven green tongues of seven green dogs,

Or seven green tigers, or Seven green seas,

Beating its chest, stammering its name.

Oh, sea, this is your name.

Oh, comrade ocean, don't waste time

or water getting so upset.

Help us instead.

We're meager fishermen,

men from the shore.

We're hungry and cold

and you're our foe.

Don't beat so hard, don't shout so loud.

Open your green coffers.

Place gifts of silver in our hands.

Give us this day our daily fish. 


A Paolo Neruda poem read by Ralph Fiennes





Music: THE POSTMAN (IL POSTINO) Soundtrack by Luis Bacalow. Miramax Records.

Photo: Whispers by *Rock Angel on deviantART.



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  • 電影原聲帶,THE POSTMAN

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