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The first time I loved forever.

“Somewhere I have never traveled
Gladly beyond any experience
Your eyes have their silence
And your most frail gesture of things
Which enclose me
But which I cannot touch
Because they are too near.”

The first time I loved forever
Was when you whispered my name
And I knew at once you loved me
For the me of who I am

The first time I loved forever
I cast all else aside
And I bid my heart to follow
Be there no more need to hide

And if wishes and dreams
Are merely for children
And if love's a tale for fools
I'll live the dream with you

“oh, if your words be to close me
I, my life will shut, very beautifully
Suddenly, as when the heart of this flower
Imagines the snow carefully, everywhere

For all my life and forever
There's a truth I will always know
When my world divides and shatters
Your love is where I'll go

“I do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens. Only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses.
Nobody, not even the rain has such small hands.”




Lyrics by Melanie Safka
Music by Lee Holdridge
Sung by Lisa Angelle
(From "Beauty and the Beast of Love and Hope")
With excerpts from the poem “Somewhere I Have Never 
Traveled, Gladly” by the American poet E.E. Cummings

Photo by Marcus Ohlsson

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  • danny6919
  • 看你的文章都能陶冶性情:)
  • (宮廷式拉起裙擺屈膝敬禮)

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  • lauper627
  • 我要的不多
  • 若能每天聽著那樣的聲音入睡,就更美妙了…

    瑪旦JL 於 2009/08/27 12:03 回覆

  • zoey8321
  • 那張圖好詩意:)
  • 謝謝^^

    瑪旦JL 於 2009/08/30 11:03 回覆